Pictured above: Zomba, Malawi from Queen's View in the Zomba Plateau

Resources for fieldwork, and documentation of my experience in Zomba, Malawi working on a randomized field experiment in June of 2019

My Zomba Experience

My experience working in Zomba, Malawi was very enriching. I was there conducting a randomized control trial on HIV testing (draft coming soon). Zomba is a beautiful city in Southern Malawi, at the foot of a mountain called the Zomba Plateau, which stands about 2,000mts above sea level. The scenery around the plateau is beautiful, full of vegetation and with temperate weather during that time of the year. The views from the plateau are amazing.

Conducting fieldwork was interesting, and it allowed me to get a better understanding of Malawi. I also trained our enumerators, and learnt about the on-the-ground aspects of running an experiment. The things that we take for granted when we don't take part in the data collection process!

Malawians are a friendly and welcoming people, and this made my stay all the better. In my free time there I enjoyed hiking and trail running along the Zomba Plateau, grocery shopping at the central market, and eating at Casa Rossa. I brought several bottles of Nali back home, and I look forward to coming back.